Friday, March 09, 2007

Spread the Fred

Finally something cool I can post from my favorite podcast! The music video of The Jimmy Swift Band's song is well done, the animation is pretty good and well drawn--which is nice to see in an "anything goes" indy shorts venue. Although I think the puppet motif has been done a few too many times in animation, the great design makes up for it. The 2nd short "What About Lunch" is alright, but didn't strike me as all that entertaining. I like the art direction of the music vid too, although I there's not as cohesive of a story as in my favorite music video from CF, "The Wizard Needs Food Badly" (Episode 36). The Wizard one is by Ghostbot, which does the E-surance flash commericals. I like flash animation that's done with good taste, design, and attention to represent physics, even if in a limited manner.

You can now watch old episodes all on Channel Frederator's website, and download episodes for free on iTunes! Do it!

"Wizard Needs Food Badly", music by Five Iron Frenzy, animation by Ghostbot

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