Thursday, January 25, 2007

"One Rat Short" on Sundance Website/iTunes

Hey everyone, I wanted to post the link on here to Sundance Film Festival's website, where you can view "One Rat Short" in its entirety, for free! I've been told that it will also be on iTunes as part of Sundance's release of their selection of short films, but as of today I have not seen it there yet. (*update* It's now there! Buy it for $1.99 on iTunes!) My demo reel pretty much shows the shots that I animated, but to sum it up, I animated nearly all of the labrat crowd cycles (in the cages and running on the floor), as well as a handful of the shots of the main characters, Cagne and Audrey. It was such a great experience, making a film is such a team effort, and I had so much fun with everyone there!

Things at Framestore have been going very well, and I am continuing to enjoy working there too. We're wrapping up animation on the Geico Gecko spots, not sure when they will be airing yet.

I'm also desperately trying to finish a 2 character acting piece that I've been working periodically on for a while now. It will be done soon, and hopefully up on my Animation page soon after that! I still have a bunch of drawings I'd love to upload to my Artwork page, but first I need to get to a scanner. In additon to these website updates, I'm starting to think I may need to turn this homepage into an official blog format...this page is getting rather long!

I suppose I should call this the end of my post before I get long winded...oh wait, am I too late? ;)