Friday, August 25, 2006

9/11 conspiracies? how sad

So I decided to check out that WTC movie group that was advertised on the front page of facebook, and I kinda regret that I did. I cannot believe how many people justify 9/11 as a government conspiracy. Holy cow. I could never believe that. It goes to show you how big of an event it was to comprehend, that people "just can't believe" that a group of terrorists could bring down the Word Trade Centers. It must have been too big for them to think that these people could just walk onto planes and do that. But why not? Are we so big, so powerful that the *only* way such a devestating blow could happen is if it were a huge conspiracy? Come on people, humble yourself for a moment. It's ironic that your opinions of conspiracy and power are actually the source of the *idea* that the U.S. government can do whatever it wants to. In your mind, you are giving the U.S. government the corruption and power that you so fear. Whether or not it is always true.

I more than strongly disagree with the whole conspiracy theory. It saddens me. Politics are something that I have never liked, and when things like 9/11 and Katrina get more focus because of politics than because of people, I think we've lost perspective on what's important. Before you take on this theory as your own, think about the people that lost their lives. Think about the mourning that EVERYONE, including those on our government, went through. Try telling the NYPD and NYFD your reasons for conspiracy. Try telling Rudy G. I dare you to go face to face with any U.S. public body or government, and tell them they did it on purpose. These people had friends and family who worked in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon too.

Call me a "hopeless optimist". Call me whatever you want. But remember, when it comes down to horrific tragedies and human suffering, those are people serving on our government. Not cartoons in black suits and sunglasses. You may find it hard to believe, but I bet they cried on that day too.