Saturday, July 26, 2008

White snow, White Plains, Blue Sky

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts--"reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Anyway, a little update. This week I started back at Blue Sky for another temp job, this time working on Ice Age 3. I have to say, it's fun to be back and see a bunch of familiar faces. All in all, the first week has been a completely different experience than my first week on Horton. First of all, I'm not freaking out at the sight of all of the rigs and tools, since all I need is to refresh my memory of how they work. Secondly, I get to warm up with an animation test this time, instead of dropping straight into production, hooray! Thirdly, crunch time hasn't started yet, so I actually get to go home at a decent hour. I'm also glad that I had some time away from it after Horton, to clear my head, and learn from the experience before diving into it again.

Also, I want to give a big thanks to the entire animation department for being so welcoming and helpful, especially for the new temps. It's very much appreciated!

Week 1, done!