Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've got arms...I can get this party started up in here!

So, in case you missed it last weekend, Partysaurus Rex opened in front of Finding Nemo 3D in theatres! (In the US and Canada at least.)  Be sure to go check it out!  Nemo looks great in 3D by the way, I'd heard good things and have to say, I think it arguably improves upon the scope and feeling of the film, visually.  Especially the wide shots of Marlin and Dory, small on screen but floating in the middle of the water.  It just seems to enhance the scale and environment, making it really feel like it's filmed in the ocean.  It's hard to describe--point is worth seeing.  It's a beautiful film, and I really discovered a new appreciation for its story too.  It's quite a different movie in how it progresses, and as has been pointed out, it keeps you invested and interested in the character's problems without a villian or other character intentionally trying to stop them.  It also takes time just to create a sense of wonder and beauty about the ocean.

Also worth seeing--Partysaurus Rex!  This is our 4th short at Pixar Canada, and it's a doozy.  After seeing it many times on a small computer screen, this short really fills the theater.  It looks great on the big screen, and the sound just fills the room!  Honestly, if you are interested in seeing it and can make it, don't miss the chance to see/hear it this way.  Every department was challenged in some way by the scope of it, and if you know something about computer animation, you'll see why.  Anyway, check it out if you can!

The kick butt poster was released over at Fandango!

And in case you missed the preview, here it is!  It may look like the party is starting in this video, but trust me--the party has not started yet.