Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Freelancing stories from Animation Mentor

Yep, I'm still alive. :) I just noticed this article in this week's AM newsletter, which has some stories from animators who for one reason or another settled into a freelance lifestyle. They're all quite different stories from when I freelanced, I didn't seek out clients to create work myself out of my home, (I sought out work at studios), but the mindset about permanent vs temporary work was the same. Permanent work is hard to come by, and while I lucked out with my current position, I still think many animators and artists just don't know about opportunities outside of film or vfx, or think that's the only venue to produce high quality, gratifying work.  I also didn't find working job to job so bad when I didn't have to move to another city for each one, and was plugged into a good network of friends.  Anyway, it's always good to learn a bit more about the scope of our industry, if you find yourself looking for work.  The article has stories from Avner Engel, Martin Bell, Kenny Roy, and Chad Stewart.

Oh, and sorry that my blog update is half done, and that "test page" is still there ;) At some point I will get the full revamp up and running with links to my work, etc!