Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Nathan Love: Baskin Robbins--Baseball Nut

Check out the Baskin Robbins spot that we recently finished at Nathan Love!  We're really happy with how it turned out!  It's not often you get a fun little project like this to work on, and we all worked hard in hopes of living up to its potential.  Personally, I'm proud of everyone involved for creating what I consider to be feature quality animation in a very short time, and in a format where unfortunately some people don't expect it.  My teammates Ryan Moran and David Han kicked butt in animation.  Kudos to Frank Naranjo, our rigger extraordinaire, for providing us with a fantastic rig for a complicated character!  He stuck to his strong work ethic in a part of production that is often overlooked, but is extremely important to getting animation notes addressed and approved to everyone's satisfaction.

(click through to the YouTube page to see the full picture...this blog apparently isn't wide enough for widescreen!)

On a side note, I recently met a young animator, who knew I'd spent some time at Blue Sky, and who had recently been hired for a feature animation job.  However, instead of asking something like "How long have you been working in animation?"  or "How long have you been in New York?", their first question was "How many feature films have you worked on?"  How unfortunate is it that so many animators view features as the ultimate ranking system.  Quality work is achieved when the right circumstances (and people--not just artists) are in place for it to be created and recognized, no matter what the format.  I am proud of Baskin Robbins-Baseball Nut because I feel it shows how widely dispersed the animation talent is in our industry.