Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Demo Reel!

Yes it's true! With the Blue Sky gig quickly coming to an end, I've finally updated my reel and resume. Of course there's no stuff from Horton on it, but I'm really happy to show the stuff I did at Framestore and Psyop over the past year (Geico Gecko, Jeep "Weasel", Happiness Factory 2). I still have to update the rest of my main website, but here are the direct links to my reel/resume:

DEMO REEL (requires Quicktime 7)

RESUME.pdf (requires Adobe Reader)

I don't know an exact date for when I'm done at Blue Sky, but needless to say it's soon, and the search for the next gig is on. So if you like what you see and need an animator, don't hesitate to contact me!

Freelancer's Guide #7: NYC Studio Google Map

Hey everyone, I really apologize for the lack of posts. Geez, have I become one of those bloggers? I've been so swamped at work, and probably will be until the gig is up (whenever that will be). But I haven't given up on the blog, posts will pick up again when things settle down.

Good news though! I've got something new to share. Steve Mann at Charlex has started a Google Map of studios in the NYC area, that he's updating when he gets a chance. He's got quite a few on there already, so if you're a freelancer and looking for another gig, it's a good resource to have. Thanks Steve, you rock!

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