Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No, it can't be! I just sent you back to the future!

Check out what we found on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes tonight!  Looks like Time Travel Mater is available for download!  Though according to these prices, I'd bet most people pay the $1.99 to Amazon and not $19.99 to iTunes... ;)  (No knowledge on this, but it seems like a typo.)  This was news to me, as was the poster image they used...Mater, McQueen, and Stanley, from one of my shots!  Check out the poster, in all its low-res glory! 

Also, I can't believe I missed the opportunity to use a Back to the Future reference when posting the broadcast date/time for this short.  It was aired on a Saturday night...so ya know...something like "Next Saturday night, we're sending you back--to the future!" would have worked.  Alas, that time has passed.

Oh, but if you missed it on ABC, and you get Disney Channel, check the schedule and set your DVR.  I think I read online that it will be airing multiple times throughout the week.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Later Mater!

Good news everyone!  Our third short, "Time Travel Mater" will be airing on ABC this Saturday, June 16th, during the broadcast of Cars, 8-11pm (eastern).  This is our second Cars Toon, and I think you'll see how much more comfortable we are animating the cars since Air Mater.  There's some really fun animation in it, and I think it's a really endearing and entertaining short!  Personally I'm really pleased with how it turned out, check it out if you can!

A couple of released images:

Here's a short clip from the film!