Thursday, March 08, 2007

Psyop--an inside look

I found an interview with people from Psyop, talking about how they started, what they do, etc. Psyop is developing quite a name for itself around NYC, the most frequent question when I tell people where I've freelanced is "How did you like Psyop?" I can't figure out who was actually interviewed for this article, but it's obviously one of the heads.

The pictures make me laugh a bit because they remind me of the photos I used to see of buildings in SCAD catalogs, that conveniently crop the pictures at strategic places, so as not to show the neighborhood that the building is actually in :P But hey, I put my best foot forward on my promo material, so I guess they do too.

Posting about Psyop has gotten me to think that maybe I'll talk more in future posts about my experience freelancing in New York. So many people are totally unaware of what the industry is like here, and at present it looks to be very healthy, with some great work going on in commercials vfx. Also, freelancing is a totally different world than having a steady job somewhere, and maybe I can dive into the pros and cons for anyone who's considering it. It's opened my eyes to the fact that every studio is unique in atmosphere, projects, people, and just about everything else. But I'm thankful for getting the chance to see what it's like to work in different places. I could get into more now, but it's best saved for later ;)


Kevin Williams said...

Yeah! Saw this article awhile back good stuff.

Freelancing in NYC huh? I hear good things about it...

Anonymous said...

it is an interview with 4 of 5 creative directors as far as i understand :)