Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Conan at ILM

And also, here are some outtakes and shots that weren't used in the final airing (extra footage)

This was so funny, I have to post it here! We animators are proud geeks, with toys on our desks, and sometimes we don't see the light of day for hours (just ask anyone who works at Monty Hall at SCAD). So not only could I relate, but I also got to see most of those things when I interviewed at Lucas Arts, the Darth Vader and Bobba Fett costumes, the Yoda fountain are at the entry. They didn't actually show me much of the place, honestly Conan got to see more than I did, but I'm still happy I got to go there!

And finally, this post is in honor of my friends over at Lucas Arts ;) Matt, Christine, this one's for you...


Anonymous said...

nice blog here. keep it up. i personaly would like to see more posts about your views on animation and the stuff you learn and personal experience rather than clips and stuff that circulates the net and could be found on cgtalk and elsewhere.


Kyle said...

Yeah, as I have time I'll try to do more of that ;)