Friday, May 25, 2007

Freelancer's Guide #5: AM, Kenny Roy's Advice on Freelancing

How the heck did I miss this in the May Animation Mentor newsletter? "Freelancing in Today's Animation Industry". A very in-depth article about freelancing, that I think some people will find useful. It covers the side of freelancing that I know next to nothing about: working from home on your own. Kenny talks all about how to manage your own business, get clients, in the situation where you are completely responsible for delivering the entire project to your personal client. (As opposed to short-term contract work for studios, as I've done.)

This stuff is what most people think of when they hear of freelancing, though it's really not in my plans to start my own fully functioning business from home. There's plenty of freelance work for me at studios, where somebody else can take care of client meetings ;) But it's still good stuff to know, and there are some things he mentions that are applicable either way. In my case, my clients are the studios I work for. But if you're the type who really wants to work from home and run your own business, definitely read what he has to say.

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