Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nathan Love: Pop Secret "When Harry Met Sally"

At long last!  The third and final Pop Secret commercial we worked on at Nathan Love has been released and will be airing later this month and during some big tv programs!  While we were proud of the entire campaign, and certainly we all loved Dark Knight, we saw each subsequent spot improve in quality (Dark Knight to Caddyshack to When Harry Met Sally), so I'm really happy this third one will finally air!  It was a huge treat to work with largely the same team on each one of these, and watch our work progress from spot to spot.  Luckily not long after this we moved on to the Baskin Robbins campaign that aired during the summer, where we continued to hone our skills and build upon the trust we'd established as a team throughout the past few months, starting with Pop Secret.  I don't want to over-state anything, but I can't help but compare it to the stories I've heard of other productions, where the right team was there at the right time, people were inspired, and proud of the work being done.  There weren't any egos getting in the way, just the right people, inspired to make something great...and having a ton of fun in the process.

Keep it up Nathan Lovers!


Mike Terry said...

Sweet! Also congrats on the job at Pixar Canada!

Kyle said...

Hey! Thanks man