Monday, September 03, 2007

Three Legged Legs--Amp X-Games spots

Woa, two posts in a day! Well, I had to post something else besides just boring stuff about me. I hadn't seen these spots from Three Legged Legs, but found them in my google reader via Motionographer. Pretty cool animation, and interesting choices in the blur frames, and great timing. My favorite is "Amp Camp", with the biker being chased by fire. The character animation is pretty sweet, but check out that effects animation too! Ya don't get to see that too often anymore. Here's a YouTube vid, with really awful compression. Go to the TLL site link above, and watch the quicktime, you'll thank yourself! They've also got a bunch of concept art and character designs posted on their site, it's worth a look.

1 comment:

kev said...

nice! that place has some sick spots.

thanks dude, keep the animation goodness comin!

see u monday at the shindig!