Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frank Naranjo's Rigging Reels

Check out my buddy Frank Naranjo's new reels and rig demos he uploaded to Vimeo!  I had the good fortune of working with Frank on various projects at Nathan Love over the course of 8 or 9 months, where his awesomely fast and animator friendly rigs made animating exciting and freeing.  Check out the cool rig demos of a couple of the characters from the Baskins campaign, as well as his full showreel!  Metal Approved, Frank, Metal Approved.  :)

Baskin Robbins - Harry - Rig Demo from Francisco Naranjo on Vimeo.

Baskin Robbins - Polly - Rig Demo from Francisco Naranjo on Vimeo.

Francisco Naranjo - 2011 Rigging Reel from Francisco Naranjo on Vimeo.


cuban viking - naka Francisco Naranjo said...

Oh man Kyle! thanks so much for blogging about the rigs! Much appreciated! Seeing the insane animation you guys pulled off on the rigs only got me more excited every time I went back in to add more things!

fpfranco said...

Pantera!!!!! :D Awesome job, awesome music.

Erick said...

Agree with the awesome music, Pantera not my favorite but Mercyful Fate!!!! Evil!! Brought back so many memories! And by the way love your work Frank