Saturday, February 13, 2010

Freelancer's Guide: Goodbye 1099

So, if you're a freelancer chances are you've been talking with your friends, coworkers, and clients about the IRS crackdown on "misclassification" of freelancers.  Since I started this blog, one of my main reasons for posting was to create a sort of freelance guide for animators, since it's somewhat of a mysterious lifestyle to anyone who's not a part of it.  Therefore I've been meaning to post about this, since these recent changes pretty much leave a lot of my old posts about paying your taxes, dealing with 1099 forms, etc, outdated.  However, since I'm still learning about this myself, I thought it might be better to just present some links to recent articles and discussions on the matter.  My point in posting about this is just to spread the word to people who may be looking for freelance work about what is going on these days so they can further educate themselves, not to tell people what to do.  Like I said, I'm guessing if you're freelance you know about this already, but there are many people either just getting out of school, or who are in staff positions, that may not be aware. 

DISCLAIMER:  I'm linking to outside sources purely for informational purposes, not as legal advice.

AWN article:,1

Motionographer article (includes good resource links at the end):

The IRS rules of classification for independent contracter vs employee.,,id=99921,00.html

Keep in mind, many of the discussions in the comments of these articles are heated, and sometimes not always written with accurate knowledge.  Your best bet is to do your own research.  That's my only advice ;)

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