Monday, July 23, 2007

Blue Sky!

So today was my first day as a temp animator at Blue Sky! Hence the lack of posts lately, because over the past month I finished up a job at Psyop, went home for a few days, came back, moved to White Plains, and started my first day today! Needless to say I've been keeping busy. And although it looks like I'll be keeping busy for then next few months, I do hope to keep the posts up!

Later everyone!


Kevin Williams said...

Super excited for you! I don't want to bring the atmosphere of your blog down, what's a professional way of saying "'Bout damn time!"?

Josh said...

Congrats man, man!

Anonymous said...

I know where you sit :)

Muhahaha, MuHaHaHaHaHa, MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Kyle said...

Thanks guys! And "anonymous"...I *think* I know where you sit :P

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Congrats Kyle!!!!!!! =D

Stewart said...

yes, congrats. I'm in NYC as well, at Curious at the moment, and a friend/classmate of mine just started there recently as well. Not sure on name dropping ediquet so I'll keep my mouth shut.

You've made some great posts so far, especially about freelancing here in NY. Hope to here some more gems regarding the feature industry.