Friday, July 14, 2006

An alien insight on facial expression

So I happened to come across an awesome quote from René Auberjonois who played Odo on Deep Space Nine. This guy really knows how to act.

"I think acting in the mask was probably easier than a lot of people might think. A lot of people have told me they couldn’t understand how Odo could be so expressive in terms of emotions when the mask I was in was even more limiting than the most grotesque Ferengi or Klingon make – up, because it was so neutral and inexpressive in repose. But while we tend to think all our emotions are expressed in our faces by things like smiling or frowning, in my years of study I have learned the mask does not hide emotions. Instead, it tends to amplify emotions because emotion is expressed more through the body and voice and eyes than it is through facial expressions; facial expressions are often used to hide what we’re really feeling rather than express it." (Quoted from, Star Trek Magazine)

Now if only I can find a way to incorporate that knowledge into my animation! Or at least a juicy dialogue clip that lends itself to that sort of duality.

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